Goodbye Live messenger, hello Skype!

It has been quite a year for Hotmail users all around, first the web service is getting a facelift with the new Outlook Metro-like interface and now the time has finally come to uninstall that good old friend that was Live messenger. We can`t say we didn`t see it coming, the moment Microsoft bought Skype it was only a matter of time until they tried two merge Messenger and Skype, well, if you have a Hotmail account you`ve probably received an email letting you know that the time has come to say Goodbye Live messenger, hello Skype!.

Goodbye Live messenger, hello Skype!

But It isn`t all doom and gloom, by integrating both services, Live messenger users are getting the Skype software which is considered the best IP phone service on the market, this means better webcam interface, voice chat, groups, and wonderful compatibility with smartphones and tablets, things are looking pretty bright for Live users.

So, as an avid Live messenger user what’s your next step?, easy, merging both accounts, and doing so is a pretty simple an painless process.

Step 1: Go to .com, download the latest client and install it, alternatively if you already have skype just upgraded to the latest version.

Step 2: on the login screen youll notice that on your right there are alternative sign in methods, pick the “Microsoft account” option.

Step 3: Login with your regular outlook, Hotmail or live account.

Step 4: Now, if you already have a Skype account choose the option on the left and fill your login information, otherwise pick the option on the right and make a new account.

Step 5: Accept the merge and you are done!.

Now, it’s important to note that after you finish this process you will need to log on Skype using your Microsoft account, also, keep in mind that you shouldn’t uninstall messenger just yet, there are still a few quirks with the system that won’t let you accept new friend invitations that were sent before you migrated your account, my advice is to keep both softwares until Microsoft officially discontinues the old one.

Well, there is little more to say than goodbye old friend, thank you for all those endless night of chatting with the people I love, I salute you, goodbye Live messenger, hello skype herald of change!.

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